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Mortgage Lender Lake Elsinore

If you live in Lake Elsinore, you have probably seen a lot of beautiful homes in recent years. You may be interested in purchasing a new Lake Elsinore area home or want to expand your existing home. There are a lot of reasons that you might be considering purchasing or refinancing your home. For example, you may be interested in reducing monthly payments, consolidating debt, combining a first and second mortgage or to get out of a mortgage that’s costing too much. On the other hand, you may need a little extra cash to take the family on a nice vacation.

Either way, interest rates are low, and you can buy or refinance and have enough money left over for that remodeling project and a vacation with the family. A Lake Elsinore mortgage lender will find the best loan for you, lower your mortgage payment, and give you the ability to make your home upgrades. When you’re ready to find out about refinancing options, you can fill out an online loan application and talk with a Lake Elsinore mortgage lender.

As a Lake Elsinore mortgage broker, we are aware of many opportunities that allow home buyers to take advantage of very low interest rates. From conventional loans to low equity government loans, we are the expert. Call us today to set up an appointment to talk to a Lake Elsinore mortgage broker about your low-cost refinancing options.

By refinancing your mortgage, you can lower your payments and your interest rates which saves you money in the long run. There are many refinancing options that allow homeowners to take advantage of these low interest rates. From conventional loans to low equity government loans, we are the Lake Elsinore mortgage experts. Call us today to set up an appointment to talk to a Lake Elsinore mortgage lender about your low-cost refinancing options.

There are a lot of advantages to buying a home in Lake Elsinore. This city is beautiful and the quality of life here is unmatched. Dry summers and mild winters along with the city’s rich history make it a perfect city to live in. If you’re worried about your credit you should still give us a call. Mortgage Pro works with all types of credit situations and can help you get the Lake Elsinore Mortgage that you need. A Lake Elsinore mortgage broker can help find a refinancing loan that may instantly lower your monthly payment and your loan amount. We can help you set up your refinancing or home loan.

To start your Lake Elsinore mortgage refinance today, apply online or call.

Your first step in the process is to apply online or call your Lake Elsinore mortgage broker. (866-485- 3634) We’ll take you through all your choices, discuss rates and loan options and help customize a loan just for your specific needs.


What to expect during our first conversation

A Lake Elsinore mortgage broker will:

  • provide best loan options based on your specific needs
  • Research available fees and rates
  • Determine your borrowing & repayment plan
  • Review all fees, charges, and the process
  • Provide industry expertise
  • Assist in planning
  • Estimate different loan analysis

By choosing mortgage pro for your Lake Elsinore mortgage you are getting the expertise and commitment of a company that is focused on one thing; helping you save money and purchase the home of your dreams. With years of experience I am both professional and passionate. I understand that with every loan there is a family and a story. Our goal is simple, to make the Lake Elsinore mortgage process simple and stress-free while providing an excellent service that customers are sure to talk about.

Some of our different loan types include:

  • VA Loans
  • FHA Loans

We’re here to make the FHA home loan process a whole lot easier, with tools and expertise that will help guide you along the way, starting with our FREE FHA Loan Qualifier.

What is an FHA loan?

The FHA is a federal government agency within the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The FHA program was created in response to the rash of foreclosures and defaults that happened in 1930s; to provide mortgage lenders with adequate insurance; and to help stimulate the housing market by making loans accessible and affordable.

FHA plays a key role in assisting low- to moderate-income families qualify for Lake Elsinore mortgages. FHA assists first-time buyers and others who would not qualify for a conventional loan, by providing mortgage insurance to private lenders.

Interest rates for a Lake Elsinore area FHA loan are usually the at the market rate, while the down payment requirements are lower than conventional loans. The required down payment can be as low as 3.5 percent and the closing costs can be included in the mortgage amount.

The FHA in not a lender and doesn’t make home loans. They insure home loans against the VA Loans are guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Service persons and veterans can qualify for a VA Loan, which usually offers a competitive fixed interest rate, limited closing costs and no downpayment. Furthermore, the VA does not issue loans, it issues a certificate of eligibility that is required to apply for the VA loan. Borrower’s default to encourage lenders to offer the loans to home purchasers and homeowners at more affordable interest rates.

Helping people achieve their dreams is what fuels this company. As a result, referrals from previous customers, repeat customers, and local real estate professionals have always delivered most of our business. Let us help you with your dream home!